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TOP Ten Strategies in Pick 3

   With Odds of 1000 To 1; Pick 3 is the starting point for any Lottery Player, but even with such low odds there is always room to improve on them.

   The following list is a run-down of Ten most important strategies to consider while playing Pick 3:

1. Play the Boxes

   Unless you are a Straight shooter ...the Box payout will cover the cost of playing, and you would not have to say:
If only I had a box!

2. Play The Pairs

   How many of us missed the P 3 number by One Digit?
I would say: A LOT ! ! !

   If your state offer Pairs as a way of playing Pick 3 and if you keep missing that elusive Straight; give it a try.

3. Play it AGAIN...SAM

   Was good for Humphrey, and is good for Pick 3.
Once a number hits, the Odds of the same number hitting again are 1 in 500, especially in the next 3 to 4 draws.
Example from NY :
Sat, Nov 24, 2007   7 - 0 - 0   6 -7-7
Sun, Nov 25, 2007   0 -0 - 7   6-8-4

4. Know your HISTORY

   Pick 3 History that is; in theory there are 1000 possible combinations, but in real drawings, that number drops 30-40 % less, so you will be playing against a pool of 600 numbers in any given state; and here is where your knowledge of your own State Past numbers comes handy, you will have less numbers to pick from; AND you already know WHICH of them tend to come and HOW!
Who said you can not learn from your WRONG.

5. Watch Your Mirror States

   Mirror States by definition are states that share a pool of numbers; and they pass the hits for those numbers back and forth.
For an example: 123 will hit in state A and soon after 213 will hit in state B ...Coincidence?
Hardly; take a look at two days worth of results in ALL-States listings and you will see it happen.
For a complete list of Mirror States, visit MIRROR STATES.

6. The Zero Effect

   When your state draws a number with a ZERO in it; take the other two digits and make a double out of them, you now have 2 thirds of a potential hit,
Here is an example in VA:
Fri, Dec 7, 2007    4-1-9  9-5-0
Sat, Dec 8, 2007    5-0-5  3-9-2

7. Read and Learn

   Sounds boring?
   Nevertheless It is an effective way of getting the necessary information to tackle the Green Machine...
Weathr it is by reading articles (like this one), browsing the Lottery Forums; or even reading Books about the game; and the more you learn; the better your plays will be.

Remember: Knowing is WINNING !

8. Mirror them

   This is a very interesting concept; MIRROR NUMBERS:
You simply replace each digit of the Draw Result with a corresponding Mirror Digit, and they are:
0 = 5,   1 = 6,   2 = 7,   3 = 8   and  4 = 9
And depending on your state, your results will vary from a whole mirror like in OH:
Fri, Dec 14, 2007   8-1-2   2-7-8 which is mirrored as 7-2-3
Sat, Dec 15, 2007   3-3-8   2-0-7
Sun, Dec 16, 2007   3-7-2   1-3-0

To a partial Mirror in SC:
Wed, Nov 28, 2007   1-6-0   6-8-7
Thu, Nov 29, 2007   5-6-2   6-9-9

9. Follow your Gut Feelings

   It happens all the time:
You see a certain number on a License Plate, on a Building...etc, and Finally on the Official lottery Results board!

Well...that was your Lottery Sense (some call it subconscious, sixth sense..) or your Gut Feeling that you unknowingly developed playing the lottery, a hidden gift that tells you to play that number,and If I were you I would listen more often!

10. Play to WIN

   Goes without saying; but having a positive outlook when you play the lottery will help you to play better, think of more winners and score more hits.

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