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TOP Ten Strategies in Pick 5

   The Odds are going up to an avarge of 120,000:1, Pick 5 is the yougest sibling of the Jackpot Bunch, and a step closer to Pick 6. But remember the saying: The Bigger they are The Harder they Fall?
   The following list is a run-down of Ten most important strategies to consider while playing Pick 5:


   Ever wonder Why some of those tickets that hit the Jackpots are SINGLE TICKET purchases?
The ansewr is: Quick Pick!

2. Go EASY on the sequentials

   Those are the 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 sets of numbers that might fall once in a very Blue Moon, they add to the cost of playing, and if some of the numbers in them hit; it would not be worth it.
In additition; a lot of players play those sequentials as a part of their everyday if they hit the Jackpot, the line for cashing it will be LONG; and your share will be SHORT!

3. Re-play those Quick Picks

   For some reason; the Green Machine might give you the Jackpot on a silver platter ONLY the numbers will be for the NEXT DRAW, So play Quick Pick for the first draw, and use the SAME numbers as a play list for the following draw.

3. ODDs and EVENS

   Try to mix and match your set of numbers so they would be closer to the standared 2/3 formula: 2 Odd numbers and 3 Even numbers or visa versa.
Here is an example:
Jersey Cash 5     Mon,  Dec 24, 2007

4. HIGHs and LOWs

   Mixing and matching again; you would not find any P5 results in any state that have constant HIGH or constant LOW numbers.

5. Stay within the SUM Range

   The SUM or the Total if you add all the numbers in the Pick 5 draw falls between 63 and 116,
Over that range, you will be playing mostly HIGH numbers (not a good idea); under that range, and it is mostly LOW numbers!

6. Fill your Play Slip Last

   We are tempted with that play slip; and we tend to fill it with lines going Across, Vertical or Diamond Shape,and we end up with sets of numbers like:
2, 6, 10, 14, 18 ...All of them are Evens (check Tip # 3)
17, 18, 19, 20, 21 ...Bad Sequentials (check Tip # 2).
It might work for Keno, but we are playing Pick 5!

7. Know your HISTORY

   Get familiar with the Past Draw Results, you should be able to see PAIRS and TRIPLES, and we are not talking P3 or P4; They are the Pairs and Tripples of two or three numbers that tend to come togather more often than not like 5 and 18 in one state BUT not in the other.

8. The Commons

   The same last digit in a two-digit number tend to hit together; they migt come:
As a Pair  Georgia Fantasy 5 Mon, Dec 31, 2007    04 - 13 - 24 - 28 - 39
Or as a Triple:  Washington Hit 5 Mon, Dec 31, 2007    03 - 13 - 23 - 31 - 32

9. Say NO to Birthdays

    Another temptation beckons and you will be limited to 1 - 31 range; joining a whole lot of players who do the same, and to make things worse: some Pick 5 Lotteries go over 44!
You would say: Birth Year,and use another set of fixed numbers!

10. Read and Learn

   Sounds boring?
   Nevertheless It is an effective way of getting the neccsary information to tackle the Green Machine...
Weather it is by reading articles(like this one), browsing the Lottery Forums; or even reading Books about the game; and the more you learn; the better your plays will be.

Remmember: Knowing is WINNING !

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